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DISCLAIMER: This blog is my opinion. I'm not saying everything I say is true but I'm not making anything up. I pride myself on using facts, evidence, sources, and deductive reasoning. I'm not an inside source but I was not born yesterday. I use Emma's words showing her inconsistencies with what she says versus what she does. Everything she says is actually the opposite of who she is when you pay attention to what she actually does. She preaches about being honest and true to yourself when she isn't. She claims virtues and convictions she doesn't adhere to. She constantly portrays a false sense of modesty, morality and ethics that she never follows. It's not her actions that bother me. She can smoke crack for all I care. It's all her deceptions that built up her fake persona she gets lauded for. She is more of a brand than being the genuine article. Emma is a prettily weaved illusion designed to trick you. She is a celebrity (they get so much attention in society) and she is pretty (beauty culture obsession), and these days that’s as good as being a god (celebrity worship syndrome). This blog was not created to point out what an awful human being she is. I don't believe she's a horrible person but when it comes to a stereotyped fake celebrity she fits the mold perfectly. This blog was created as a push back to the mindless adoration and to point out what others refuse or fail to do. I don’t know Emma the private person but what I do know is Emma the public person (celebrity) is full of contradiction, hypocrisy and deceptions. Her entire public persona is built on being the anti-celebrity but in reality she's ever bit of the fame hungry attention seeker she claims not to be. Celebrities should be looked at as products. They're trying to sell us (the consumers) something by using the same marketing ploys we see in ads every day. They make millions doing this. We have every right as consumers to call bullshit when the product does not work as advertised. Celebrities made a choice to be public figures and can walk away if they wish, so anything they put out there is up for debate.

QUOTES OF EMMA'S TO REMEMBER: "There seems to be this feeling that all of us were bursting to break out of these images we had created but that’s never been the case (2009)." and "I do not think I "ought" to be a model of reference for my fame. But I want to do something good by using my public image and reputation (2009)." and "Actually, I'm quite shy, I've never liked attention and money. I feel myself a little bit like Finding Nemo's Dory. I just keep swimming and don't turn around to watch the mess (2010)." and "I think you should be yourself because otherwise, you'll be on the wrong path and the results are not gonna be pretty (2010)." and " It's very weird. I have to kind of like switch heads. Sometimes I manage it seamlessly, and other times I feel rather all over the place. I explained to a friend that sometimes I feel a bit schizophrenic, like I have a split personality (2010)." and "In terms of a role model the cleanest way to live as a human and artist to be true to yourself (2011)." and "Never have something to hide or lose (2011)." and "Fame was never something I ever aspired to and it's not something I aspire to now really (2011)." NEW ONES (I find these new ones peculiar because I've said she's fake and a brand repeatedly since February 2011: Is she trying to come clean?): "Let’s say there’s a side of me, the one represented in the media, that does not match who I really am in private life. (2012)." and "It kind of does feel that way [like I am a brand]. That’s just something I’ve come to realize, that there’s a public persona (2013)." and "When you’re playing someone else and you’re playing a public persona for the media, you almost lose your own identity and who you are." and "I try my best to be as authentic as I can. I try to be real, but I also understand there’s a distinction between the me that walks red carpets, and the me that is just myself, at home (2013)." and "Similar to you, I used to try to hide what I was doing, and I would end up in these awkward positions where I would have to go and do something [for work] but I would say I was doing something else. I would try to hide that I had a car picking me up—I would hide the car around the corner so that people would think I was walking. All of these elaborate kinds of schemes to pretend I was like everyone else (2013).”

ONE MORE EMMA QUOTE TO CONSIDER from an interview in 2009, "Did you ever steal any of the props? “Yes, I did. We were doing a scene in Gringotts and there was all of this plastic gold that’s in there, but Dan, Rupert and I spent like the whole week smuggling it out for crew members who wanted souvenirs. They weren’t giving any of it away, so we nicked it. We were actually competing in the end and I got really good at it. I looked like the innocent one, so they nobody really noticed me, but they checked the boys. So I think I got about four or five pieces out. That was funny.” And that's the just of it. Emma looks to innocent to be anything other than what she makes herself up to be. It makes doing this blog rather difficult at times because people do not want to believe Emma is anything but honest. There is also the issue of Emma stating for years she is just like the fictional character Hermione. People get confused between Emma the actress and Hermione the make believe character she was portraying. They are nothing alike.

OTHER QUOTES: "The great thing about Emma is that she's a chameleon that can communicate anything you ask." - Mario Testino. "Any actor who tells you that they have become the people they play, unless they’re clearly diagnosed as a schizophrenic, is bullshitting you.” - Gary Oldman. "The image is one thing and the human being is another...It's very hard to live up to an image, put it that way." - Elvis Presley. "It is much easier to be honest than to be caught up in a bunch of lies. At least this way, you know who you are." - Mila Kunis

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July 8, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence bitch slaps Emma Watson at Dior event

At a Dior even this past week in Paris during fashion week Emma and Jennifer posed for a photo together and Katniss let Hermione know what is up and where she can stick that wand.

Ok just kidding and it was apparently playful but Jennifer just did what many people wish they could do except when Emma's in full sentence with one of her whines or slut shaming moments.

But anyway did you hear the news? No not the news Emma was being investigated for having an illegal maid in the UK. Which by the way was hardly covered by the entertainment press of the act she cancelled her attendance at a David Cameron event for a holiday to Morocco. It's the news that Emma is going to be an Ambassador to women for the United Nations.

From snitchseeker.com July 2014, ""Being asked to serve as UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador is truly humbling. The chance to make a real difference is not an opportunity that everyone is given and is one I have no intention of taking lightly. Women’s rights are something so inextricably linked with who I am, so deeply personal and rooted in my life that I can’t imagine an opportunity more exciting. I still have so much to learn, but as I progress I hope to bring more of my individual knowledge, experience and awareness to this role,” said Ms. Watson

Then she posted this clearly photo shopped picture of herself for UN women (the one on the right) where her lips, nose and eyes which including shrinking her cheeks was manipulated if you look at the picture on the left.

Thanks to  for comparison photo

The criteria for Messengers of Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors as posted at web.undp.org

"The role of Messengers of Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors is to engage in public advocacy; in fundraising where authorized and in accordance with the applicable regulations, rules, policies and procedures of the designating UN Agency, Office, Fund or Programme; and in public awareness activities. They are encouraged to participate in United Nations events and to visit United Nations operations in the field. Every Messenger of Peace and Goodwill Ambassador is expected to participate in a minimum of three activities or events every year. The Messengers of Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors are encouraged to develop an area of special focus, which would strengthen their advocacy role. This would provide the possibility of making them a ‘go-to’ person, who can speak authoritatively on a particular issue."

Thanks to  for UN link info above

OK soo....

I don't get this move. I certainly don't think *giggling* ... that the U.N had this meeting and was brain storming as to who they could get as another ambassador to women and some guy from Bangladesh popped out of his chair and screamed, "Emma Watson" after hours of discussion. So yeah I totally question that Emma was really asked. How many times has the truth eventually came out with things like this? It never ends up being how she initially describes it. This reeks of Emma's people inquiring about a role and they were like "Sure why not" because she does have a squeaky yet fake and PR manipulated clean image and the U.N uses celebrities from time to time. Plus the maid story will really be forgotten now. ;)

Why Emma Watson? She is neither qualified or would be an ideal candidate because she's not very charismatic nor does she have the personality for it. I can't imagine her giving speeches. I can see a lot of scripted PSA videos to raise awareness. Everything is going to be scripted for her. That's if she speaks on camera. I could see her visiting places with a photographer or camera crew and then there would be some quote printed later that they attribute to Emma but it's not her words. IMO People Tree was exactly like that. You could tell that's how it was set up because in her People Tree videos she was not as articulate and knowledgeable like she seemed in magazines.

And what experience and what knowledge does she have that she is claiming? She's a girl born into a middle class white family with lawyers for parents and later went on to be famous for acting while dabbling in fashion becoming the face of two brands and then ended up becoming a millionaire. How can she possibly relate or understand the struggles of any woman when she's be sheltered and handed things her whole life because of her family and looks? Her personal empowerment came by chance/luck and not from an uphill battle. How can a woman from a 3rd world country look at Emma and see hope in her when all she would recognize is the color of Emma's skin, status in the world and Emma's first world privilege?

I just see her as a figure head for a cause (whatever that is) but not an actual person with a cause. That's what People Tree ended up being so this kind of stuff is right up her alley. She has no problem with saying she's for something when she's not because she just wants attention. If you followed her People Tree collaboration it didn't turn out to well in the end because she found high fashion more lucrative. But she loves the praise but not the duty. She loves the recognition but never gets her hands dirty. She puts her name on it as ownership but there's no passion behind it. I don't see this UN gig to be any different.

Here's a name they should have used... Malala Yousafzai. You know the Pakistani girl that defied the odds after being shot in the head by the Taliban because she wanted an education.

You do know this will make her ego grow even bigger? Prepare for even more pretentious quotes and delusions of grandeur from her. I've never seen a more hyped and lauded actress get so much attention for doing so little. It's baffling. And I wonder how many events she will drop because of other "commitments" like she did with Camfed? Time will tell.

Or being able to avoid the annoying arriving and departing procedures at airports by being whisked through by airport security personnel. Or being accommodated (scroll to bottom for story) at her college graduation by pushing out a family who was there to watch their child who actually attended school on campus graduate  Or having to clean her place because she has a maid  and probably other assistants that do her cooking and run errands for her. Or the fashion, electronics, etc freebies just so people see her with them and the expensive gift bags given at events and award shows that sometimes cost more than people make a year. Etc, etc and etc left out much but whatever you get it…..

Yet she's an advocate for "gender equality" and "woman empowerment". I'd say one example of gender equality consists of you holding your own umbrella and woman empowerment would be not accepting bogus and laughable awards like "sexist movie star" like she has because a women shouldn't have to sell sex (like she has) to be successful.

Btw Emma finally has an instagram account and let me remind you what she said at the Cannes last year: "How does the Internet alter the way we define ourselves?It’s amazing how self-aware we’re becoming, as a result of constantly posting images on Facebook and Instagram or whatever else. There is so much branding of ourselves, it’s amazing. And I think that it’s a shame that some of that naivete, or just blissfully unaware stage, is shortened over time.”

Meanwhile she has a professional facebook that posts pictures and she uses twitter. Now she has a instagram. Btw her fans did find her personal FB which was deleted.

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June 29, 2014

Emma Watson faces probe over maid 'working illegally in Britain'

From dailymail.co.uk June 30th, 2014, "They could call it Harry Potter and the Mystery of the American Housekeeper. The Home Office is probing whether actress Emma Watson’s maid has been working illegally at the star’s £2m north London home.

Officials are looking into claims that the housekeeper only had a tourist visa, which would bar her as a foreigner from working here.The woman was stopped by UK immigration staff who questioned how she could pay for her stay here, it was claimed. Employers who breach the rules by hiring foreign staff illegally can face a fine of up to £10,000.

Watson, 24, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, first started using the maid’s services in her New York apartment last year. But the woman allegedly made trips to London and was paid to help out at the star’s three-storey Georgian terraced house in Islington, it was claimed. Between September last year and February this year, she is said to have spent a total of three months in the UK. It was on one of her trips to London that UK Border Agency staff allegedly questioned her about her ability to pay for her stay. A source at the Home Office said: ‘An allegation has been received and processed and has been allocated for further action.’

Watson, worth £30million, has been living in the States where she recently obtained an English literature degree from Brown University in Rhode Island. But she is currently believed to be in London to attend David Cameron’s ‘Cool Britannia’ party in Downing Street tonight. Mr Cameron’s former immigration minister Mark Harper resigned earlier this year when it emerged his Colombian cleaner was in the country unlawfully. Records showed the cleaner received at least £2,000 from Mr Harper’s Westminster expenses before second home allowances were tightened up.

And in 2009, it emerged how Labour’s Attorney General Baroness Scotland had employed her Tongan housekeeper in breach of the rules – which her own department had drawn up. Baroness Scotland was fined £5,000 because she had failed to keep copies of her housekeeper’s papers.

Employers can avoid being prosecuted or fined a civil penalty if they can show they did everything possible to check the immigration status of a worker.

Watson, who starred in all the Harry Potter films from the age of nine, graduated last month from Brown University. She made headlines after it emerged the ‘friend’ who accompanied her at the ceremony was actually an armed guard, carrying a gun beneath her gown. The high-security was a marked contrast with her stated aim of having a ‘normal’ experience as a student at the prestigious US college.

Watson, who is dating rugby-playing Oxford student Matthew Janney, has often sought to play down her celebrity status. Last night the Home Office declined to say anything, and Watson’s spokesman did not respond to requests for comment."

You know I could post quote after quote from her through the years (especially the last five) where she paints this picture she is a normal girl, a feminist even, and one that knows her way around the kitchen even though she joked about ruining meals and even mishaps washing her clothes. Meanwhile she has a maid. She basically hired a female slave to literally do her dirty work. I bet she didn't want to break a nail. She probably also has a cook that cuts her meat, back scratcher and someone that comes over to water her plants while she's out by the pool.

For what might I ask would she need a maid? It's not like she's been super busy filming all these movies or that she actually attended Brown University. She stopped that after 2010. Nor has she filmed movies at great lengths like HP franchise. She left school to film Perks, TBR and Noah. And when she continued she did online classes. She could have been like regular women who juggle work, school and maintaining a house or at least clean up after themselves which the latter is not a task. But be that as it may since she does not have regular 9 to 5 job and most of her time is leisure, how couldn't she take online classes, wash her clothes, make her bed, run the sweeper and clean the toilet at the same time? Maybe she could have used a maid here?

But is this really any surprise about a celebrity that preaches about charity and attached herself to causes like People Tree but opted to wear high end fashion to promote all the biggest designers in and out of England because as she admitted once, "Fair trade clothing is ugly and boring?" It's no surprise to me because this is the same celebrity that loves to give herself props for her charity work she did during Hurricane Sandy almost two years after the fact and in a few publications. People who generally want to help others don't go screaming what they did on the mountain. And don't get me started on her CamFed comments and those self portraits.

So no, I wont go the usual route posting hypocritical statements from her that contradict the very essence of having a maid because her fans will only make excuses for her. I'm sure right now they'll lay it on thick saying she was filming all these movies, going to school and make up other things she was doing.

Like her ex-boyfriends alleged coke bomb photos she covered up with her PDA moment with new boytoy while wearing a bikini on a beach, don't be surprised to expect someone similar here. That's how she roles. Emma apparently has pulled out of David Cameron's 'Cool Britannia' party at Downing Street and was seen at an airport so only time will tell.

If you don't already know: I'm no longer accepting comments here. If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at meettherealemmawatson.tumblr.com where I spend the majority of my time. I will still post here when I feel like it and when there is something worthy to post.

June 14, 2014

Guillermo del Toro drops out of directing Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast

From blogs.indiewire.com June 2014, "“The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” star Emma Watson is probably feeling a lot like she looks in the above photo: annoyed with a touch of exasperated, “c’mon, really?” Because her director-to-be, Guillermo del Toro, has dropped out of helming “Beauty & The Beast.” Did the recent announcement of Disney’s live-action reimagining of the project kill it, you ask? Nope, Warner Bros. is still going ahead with the project, they’ll just have to do it with a new director. Why did del Toro drop out? Why does he drop out of half the projects he’s attached to direct? Because like folks like Ridley Scott or Leonardo DiCaprio, del Toro tends to over-commit to projects that run long and then he realizes he’ll never be able to make the 16,000 projects he had in development (remember his “Frankenstein” movie at Universal that didn’t go anywhere for a random, off-the-top-of-my-head example?)."

^^^ Seems like excuses why this film can't be made. This film has been in the works since late 2011 with Emma's name unofficially attached. It was only until she began talking about it in 2012 that it became official.

Del Toro said this last summer: From mtv.com July 2013, "The upcoming project of del Toro’s that is sure to grab a lot of attention is his retelling of "Beauty and the Beast," which currently has Emma Watson attached to it. The director said that she is, in fact, still involved and that they’re close to casting a monstrous co-star for her. " ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ we’re waiting to close on the Beast. We are weeks away from getting who plays the Beast," del Toro said. "We’re talking to the makeup effects guys who are going to render the Beast. We’re going to do a solid, fantastic makeup job. We’re going to fuse digital and makeup in a way that I think is quite cutting edge."

They never cast the beast or any other actors. If they were so close on this film what the hell happened?

Emma said this back in January: From mtv.com Jan 2014, "She's been hoping for "Beauty & the Beast" to finally get made. The fairytale project has been in development with director Guillermo del Toro for so long, who knows if we'll ever see it. "I hope so," Watson said about the project's prospects. "[Del Toro] always has so many things he's working on at once, so we're still putting it together. I hope so."

She said this in 2012: From hypable.com June 2012, "Q: What’s happening with Beauty and the Beast? A: Guillermo del Toro, the director, has just finished editing his last film and is working on the script and pre-production for Beauty and the Beast.

Emma said in AUGUST OF 2012: From celebitchy.com August 2012,  "I’m doing a film with Guillermo [del Toro] next summer (2013), and I went to him and said Warner Brothers have given me the script for ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ but the only way I’d really want to do it is if you did it. And then miraculously he said, ‘Oh, funnily enough ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is my favorite fairy tale, I can’t let anyone else do this, I’ll start putting a team together."

But of course in Emma fashion she contradicts herself because she goes from WB gave her a script to Del Toro working on one: From mtv.com/news Sept 2012, "We [del Toro and I] met a week or two ago, and we started working on the script, and it's going to go next summer. It's so funny, obviously I've been doing a lot of other work, and I was nervous. I was like, 'Is this going to go away?' And Guillermo is so psyched about it, and he's like been thinking about it so much." "He bought the book," Watson continued, referencing the director's infamous sketchbooks in which he logs his ideas. "I was like, 'Ah, this is killing me.' I'm very excited."

My original post on BATB by clicking here

Those last two quotes I provided is such bullshit from her. You can tell she is lying. The first quote she claims it's his favorite story but the second one she said he had to go buy the book? Why would you have to go buy a book about a story that has been your favorite? BATB was around before Del Toro was born so at some point he would have already had a copy (since it was his "favorite story") and therefore would know it really well. And then she says WB gave her a script but then later states Del Toro is working on one? Huh? Makes no sense. Which is it? Then she implies she's has some clout with helping write the script. Well we now see how that all ended up.

It's also been reported Del Toro is going to stay on as a producer and that Emma is still attached to the role. I could see Del Toro completely leaving the project to focus on his other movies. I wonder if she will stay on board or drop out? She's dropped Del Toro's name a few times as part of her director wish list. She's been in this mindset of working with only big name directors with major awards or at least well respected ones. She could work with Spielberg and her acting will still be moderate to poor. I say this because this reminds me of her role in YVIMH with how the director left (David Yates) and another one signed on. Then Emma dropped out and another actress signed on. Then that actress dropped out and Emma signed back on. Then the new director dropped out and then Emma dropped out again. You can read that post by clicking here.

If Del Toro was excited as Emma states this movie would have been made by now. It would have been his priority to work with the greatest actress of the 21 century (lol) Emma "eye brows" Watson. If she was excited she would have left college like she did for Perks and TBR to film it.

For a so called in demand movie actress isn't it something how the two lead roles she has been offered post HP could never get going? Meanwhile Shailene Woodley and Jennifer Lawrence are tearing up the box office and winning/nominated for major awards. While her PR team has to resort to fan fiction moves like this and releasing old magazine shots to keep her relevant. Just saying.

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May 26, 2014

Did Emma Watson really need armed guards at Brown University graduation?

From dailymail.co.uk May 2014, "Emma Watson was accompanied by an undercover armed police guard as she graduated from Brown University on Sunday. The British actress, best known for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, was among the 2,000 graduates receiving degrees from the educational facility in Rhode Island, and she had extra security with her to ensure her safety. The star was joined by a policewoman who wore a pink shirt and blue jeans, which her police badge was attached to, but she later blended in with the graduates by wearing a traditional cap and gown. She was seen walking alongside Emma, who was also dressed in similar attire. As well as her additional security, the star was joined by her mother Jacqueline Luesby for the day of celebration. Emma graduated with a bachelor's degree in English literature from the Ivy League university in Rhode Island." 

Check out my bodyguard post from a few weeks ago by clicking here

UPDATE: Emma broke the law with this armed body guard if you click here

She had a least four guards around her. The usual blonde lady we always see that is cut off in the picture and then the other ones I red arrowed in the photo on the left. In other photos which I'm not posting you will see other officers tailing her like secret service.

I'm not sure if over privileged celebrity or chancellor of the New World Order being flanked by security guards trained to take a bullet for her. Did she piss off the mafia? Are the Columbia drug cartels after her? What's the deal? 

Instead of sitting with her graduating class she sat between one of her bodyguards dressed in graduation gown and her mother. Ok having you mom sit beside you during your graduation I guess is cool because your sharing a moment with her but what's with the posse?

From au.lifestyle.yahoo.com February 2013, “I think to be a very good actress you need to be in touch with reality because you need to be able to relate to people who are living normal lives and being intelligent. Look at Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep! They all educated themselves.”

^^^So much for that thought. The deceptive nature of her to bring that up at the very moment she's taking online classes is so typical of her MO. She's not even on a campus mingling with people living normal lives. This is the kind of stuff she does. She misleads people.

So is having 4 security guards with one or more concealing a gun at a graduation ceremony really necessary? Idk but for someone that took a majority of their classes online and was seen all over the world while other students were on campus, maybe she should have settled for her diploma in the mail instead of causing a scene? Isn't she the one that laments how she wants to be treated like a normal person? This is the same Brown student that claimed she wants to be treated like Emma Watson the student and not Emma Watson the famous actress, right?

From huffingtonpost.com June 2013, "Despite already having a flourishing career, Watson has decided to go back to Brown for the fall semester. She first enrolled in 2009 only to take time off while promoting the final "Harry Potter" film in 2011."I really like the fact that it has a very open curriculum, that there aren’t any requirements," the "Bling Ring" actress told Rookie magazine last month. "Really, I’ve kind of been in charge of my own education since I started out on ‘Potter’ when I was 9 or 10, and I liked that I could design my own major if I wanted to, and I could take independent studies if I wanted to on subjects that weren’t necessarily in the curriculum. I did an independent study on the psychology and philosophy of how and why we fall in love, which was awesome. And it attracts a certain type of student," she continued, "[someone] very independent who wants to take responsibility and control of what they’re learning. That really appealed to me as well."

A lot of American student athletes get away with this all the time. They take Mickey Mouse courses to pass their classes so they can keep their scholarships. If they didn't they would be put on academic probation, suspended from the team and possibly kicked out of school. Universities are ok with this because college athletics bring in millions of dollars. And she never went back to Brown. She hasn't set foot on a campus since Worcester (Oxford) in early spring of 2012. Notice how they left out leaving for Perks and The Bling Ring or mentioning she skipped classes in the fall of 2012 to film Noah? HP was finished filming (summer 2010) before her second year started. And don't expect any article saying, "Well Emma never returned to Brown like she said".

I've read comments about how Emma filmed all these movies while working twenty hours on set every day and then studying. Exaggerate much? They went on to say how much of a role model she is compared to Miley Cyrus. Ok Miley is a train wreck but.... Emma filmed Perks in June 2011 and never showed for the spring 2011 term at Brown. The fall of 2010 was the last time she studied on Brown's campus. She filmed TBR in May 2012 after leaving Worcester in the middle of her studies during the spring of 2012. When she started filming Noah in September 2012 she was not taking online courses. She was not in school when filming any one of her movies. In fact at one point she didn't film anything for a little over a year and a half.

It's wrong that just about every article about Emma and college started off saying how she's juggling her course work with her filming and modeling. First off I didn't know it was difficult to juggle getting your photograph taken and studying. But secondly and most import as I outlined above she was not juggling anything. When I think of juggling I think of doing two or more things at the same time. Since Emma put her education on hold to go film movies I'd say she was focusing on one thing which contradicts all her quotes stating how education comes first and blah, blah, blah.

Emma has done more than a majority of her studying from behind a computer screen in the confines of her apartment in NYC or home in London. Unlike other students who are pressured to get good grades so they can get a good job so they don't disappoint themselves or their parents. That doesn't even cover the debt for loans with the ridiculous interest they'll be paying back for years. The over the top praise for celebrities that have all the down time in the world but none of the real pressures to receive a degree is insulting to higher education and those that worked their ass off to achieve it.

I'm not going to get into the obvious special treatment she received or all the conflicting quotes from Emma and her representatives regarding her education. I beat that drum at this blog for years. You can click on my University posts on the right side of this page to read those posts and comments.

And once again: I'm no longer accepting comments here. If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at meettherealemmawatson.tumblr.com where I spend the majority of my time. I will still post here when I feel like it and when there is something worthy to post.

UPDATE:  From News.yahoo May 2014 "PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Emma Watson had an undercover armed guard with her during graduation ceremonies at Brown University, and a university spokesman says he is unable to answer questions about why.The 24-year-old British actress best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the "Harry Potter" movies was one of more than 2,000 students to get her degree from the Ivy League university in Providence on Sunday. She was photographed sitting and walking next to a woman who was wearing a cap and gown. The same woman, who was older than Watson and her fellow graduates, was later seen escorting Watson without a cap and gown and with a holstered weapon, a badge and other equipment. Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare says the woman is not a Providence officer. When asked if the woman was a campus police officer and why the guard was necessary, Brown spokesman Mark Nickel said on Tuesday he was "not able to help." Watson’s publicist would not comment


As posted at  on tumblr

From xojane June 2014: This was, as of yet, the biggest day of my life, and Brown’s administration made me feel small. It made my family feel small.

“Reserved for 2:00 Ceremony”

This was the sign placed on the rows of seats where my family had initially chosen to view what was one of the most significant moments in our lives.
It was May 25th, the day I would finally graduate from Brown University. The final procession of our daylong graduation was about to begin as we dispersed to our respective locations for our departmental ceremonies, where we would finally be handed our degrees. However, minutes before the start of my ceremony my family was commanded to relinquish their seats in order to accommodate my more well-known classmate: Emma Watson.

My five family members had arrived at the ceremony’s location an hour ahead of schedule to ensure they would get good seating. Reviewing the opaque “Reserved” signs, they concluded that the seats were reserved for guests of the English Department’s 2:00 ceremony, including family members. As a timid person, I myself would have erred on the side of caution here and chosen to sit elsewhere. However, I can understand why my family members thought that it would be okay to sit in this section. The sign was vague, I would guess because the administration did not want to draw attention to the fact that it was extending privileges to one student and not the other 30 some odd graduates whose families had gathered for this commemorative event.

Neither of my parents had finished college and the boasting joy they felt at having a daughter graduate from an Ivy League school had always made me shrink. But today, I decided to embrace their swelling pride. Despite the blisters forming on the back of my ankles from my uncomfortable heels and the impatience I felt at posing for yet another picture, I tried to remind myself that this day was not about me. The show was for our families, and mine had gone to great lengths to support me throughout college.

Unfortunately, the show was about to be disrupted for my family. A few minutes before the ceremony was set to begin, a team of Brown University security officers approached my family and several others who had been sitting in this section and demanded that they relocate immediately. When my notoriously outspoken sister inquired why they were being forced to move, the officers offered no greater explanation than, “This section is reserved for VIPs.” Thinking the “very important persons” were faculty members, my family complied. Luckily they found different seats, however they were forced to split up and instead take in the moment disjointedly. Thankfully I knew nothing of this until dinner, otherwise it would have dampened my experience.

I will be the first to concede that no, this is not a great injustice.

No matter where my family watched the procession I still graduated from a prestigious university and am fortunate to have the means to say so. But I want to shed light on the fact that the school I graduated from that day is not the same school I applied to.

In some ways, Brown turned out to be greater than I had once imagined. The faculty I was lucky enough to learn from deserves nothing less than the highest praise. The student body is as impassioned as the media persistently makes us out to be. However, in other ways Brown has failed to uphold many of the ideals that inspired me to apply as an eager college senior.
Hailing from one of the most conservative states, I wanted to leave Texas in hopes for a more liberal, progressive oasis. And Brown is tireless in marketing themselves as one of the most progressively minded campuses in the country.

Despite this, within the last year Brown has received much criticism from its own students for mishandling a variety of significant issues. Instead of moving its progressive agenda forward, Brown has taken actions that move us backward as a campus — a campus that others look to for social progress. In light of such larger controversies, this moment where my family was unrightfully displaced seems microscopic, and it is. But because of the sacrifices my family has made for my education, I won’t let it go unnoted.

My diploma ceremony was the crowning event of my education at Brown University and looking back on that day, my family and those others who shared this degrading treatment will remember the disrespect they experienced at Brown’s hand. This was, as of yet, the biggest day of my life, and Brown’s administration made me feel small. It made my family feel small.

I do not know who signed off on these arrangements, but this should not have been allowed. It seems greatly unfair that one student should be granted privileges that have been withheld from others. Every single one of my peers worked tirelessly for four years to earn our English degrees, and our families did as well. As such, we all deserve equal treatment and equal recognition of our efforts.

However, only Emma Watson was allowed to reserve a section for her guests. Evidently, she was the only person considered “important” at our ceremony. Why wasn’t I allowed to reserve seats for my family members? Had I not completed the same degree requirements as my famous peer? Had I not paid the same tuition as she? What made me less of a Brown University graduate than her?

The most obvious answer I can think of is this: endowment. Perhaps because the university views certain students as more likely to contribute to the endowment in the future, they feel these individuals warrant special treatment — they are more valuable financially and therefore of more personal worth than someone like me or my mother or my father.

Maybe it’s not about money though. Maybe it’s more about fame. However, I refuse to believe that my university could be that superficial, to privilege the celebrity. Then again, many of my illusions about Brown have been shattered, so who knows? I certainly don’t.

As I was packing to leave Providence a few days later, I picked up my diploma to pack it away gently in my carry on. Holding it between my hands, I felt proud. I felt relieved. But I also felt a little disenchanted by the hypocrisy of my alma mater. I’ve long known that education is in fact not the great equalizer. But I was led to believe that my university was an institution paving the way to making this idealistic philosophy more true in our society.

Unfortunately, the occasional disregard for and mistreatment of its students and their families prove quite the contrary.

Sure, this isn’t the worst thing that could happen to someone, but it still shows that Emma got special treatment. VIP, as it was labelled. Even though Brown didn’t comment on Emma having her entourage, it’s clear that they were expected, and allowed, because the seats were reserved for them.

May 22, 2014

Emma Watson wants her privacy at Café Pacifico in Covent Garden

From standard.co.uk May 2014 "Emma Watson has gone from unknown schoolgirl to Hollywood actress, thanks to playing Hermione in the Harry Potter films. But fame ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.The Londoner spotted Watson at Mexican hotspot Café Pacifico in Covent Garden on Friday, heading to the bar to order some drinks. Heads swivelled, eyes turned upon her and Watson retreated to the corner where her boyfriend Matthew Janney was sitting. Even that didn’t do the trick. Shortly afterwards, he was seen asking a table of customers, all chaps, to move away from their spot to give the star some privacy. Watson is lucky: few would argue with her rugby-playing beau, but he still said please."

So she was at a public place drinking and because people were looking at her she had her boyfriend ask them to move so she could have her space and privacy? If she wants her privacy she can go home to drink. Those patrons have every right to be there like she does. Was she being heckled? No. It's natural for some people to get a little star struck around celebrities. Society or more like the business they work for have them made out to be such perfect specimens and better than everyone else that people are bound to check them out when coming across one in public. It's not like they were running up to her asking for autographs and selfies. They were looking going, "Hey look it's Emma Watson". And it's really no different when people spot a really attractive person in a bar or pub. I think it could have been worse don't you?

What is it with celebrities like Emma who talk about wanting to be normal and treated like everyone else but then expect special treatment when around us "commoners"? Or maybe they don't want to really fit in. They just want the best of both worlds? As the saying goes they want to have their cake and eat it to. Idk but this is a shit move on her part. Total diva moment for sure.

Here is a couple other stories from this year where Emma is being less than nice and sociable

From jamesmeets.wordpress April 2014: ….This only left the two big guns to arrive, Russell Crowe and Emma Watson. A couple of cars pulled into the Square together, which meant one of the two was arriving, but which would it be? Heart in my mouth as out got Emma. Here’s the point at which I should probably provide a bit of a back-story…

At one stage, Emma was my favourite person; I grew up watching the Harry Potter films, and when I started this crazy hobby nine years ago there was a (small) list of people I wanted to meet most, and she was very close to the top of that list. However… four years ago I went to Wimbledon for the tennis finals. Rafa Nadal had beaten Thomas Berdych in straight sets in b-e-a-utiful weather. A perfect Sunday afternoon, topped off by spotting Emma leaving the VIP pavilion. I genuinely don’t think I had (or since have) ever been so excited to see one person. I asked her and she said no. It wasn’t a polite no, I’d have no issue with that, but was a downright rude no. It’s hard to describe, but her attitude was really bad. Maybe she was a Thomas Berdych fan? Joking aside, I was gutted, and since then the overarching thought whenever anyone mentioned her was that experience. Even getting an autograph from her at the BAFTAs in 2011 didn’t help change my opinion, as even the hardest signers’ sign at the BAFTAs. Anyways, back to the present…

Out got Emma, and in some kind of twisted fate, came straight over to where I was. She signed for the person next to me, and then it was my turn. Despite internally combusting with a mix of excitement and nerves, I managed to tell her I met her at SW19, even with the details of Rafa winning in straight sets, that she’d said no to a photo and I was gutted. I was probably less eloquent than I picture. I asked her if she’d make up for it by posing for a picture now, and she agreed. Say whaaaaaaaaat!!! Her brother (I presume it was her brother, I’ve no idea) took the camera and took an absolutely belting photo.

His fan photo

Some comments from this person's page about Emma and the photo:

Moviefan2k4-“No offense intended, but are British people always really serious? I’m only asking because Emma’s not smiling in that picture. She almost looks like she didn’t want to be at the screening.”

James-”She’s not the nicest person in the world - she probably didn’t want to be there!”

Moviefan2k4-“That’s sad; I hope she was just having a rough time, and that isn’t her daily temperament.”

Dancingirl1-“Wish she would’ve smiled.”

James-“It is. I met her four years ago and she was plain rude. Only reason I got this photo was because I told her how disappointed I was back then.”

I bet if he was a hot guy she'd have no problem taking a photo with him. I bet that had something to do with it. She just seems like the type that would be so shallow. Plus she is there to promote Noah so she should be nice. It's part of the job detail. She can't work the crowd a little? It's not like she does it everyday. Idk but if I was making millions solely off the backs of working people I'd be ecstatic that they wanted my autograph.

Here is another one

From raleightelegram.com April 2014, "The after party was at the Central Park boathouse and they packed up 10 tour buses to get everyone over there.Jennifer Connolly sans any bodyfat whatsoever was shivering on the freezing cold carpet. Russell Crowe, who isn’t known for his social graces, was a surprisingly pleasant and social butterfly both on the carpet and at the after-party, even snapping selfies with me, Stephen, and rapper 50 Cent, while Jennifer Connolly looked on. At the party, Emma Watson sat drinking surrounded by friends and a formidable blonde haired woman guarding her. Emma didn’t chat with guests like Russell and the rest of the cast did, and she was a bit rude and snotty to me and other folks. Her guard was equally as unpleasant. I later learned this tough blonde was a hired bodyguard to protect her from stalkers. Emma was also the last celeb to leave the party, probably waiting for the bar to close."

Ok she has a bodyguard but does she have to be rude to people at a party where you have to have credentials and be invited to attend? I'm sure she's as safe there as she would be in a panic room. She has her "formidable" bodyguard with her. Is it that much of a task to be nice to people.  

And one more

From skinnygossip.com Feb.2014,  "When she was in Iceland filming Noah she went to the bar I was working at. I didn’t see this but I heard some yelling from outside. Later I was told that she threw a hissyfit at a doorman for not letting her skip the line. She apparently kept screaming and yelling “do you know who I am?”. Such a cliché, I hope she was drunk…"

Here is her latest tongue lashing moment of a service worker

At first I thought she was upset with her new boy toy but actually she is giving some lip service to the security guard in the parking lot for a Rugby match. Her boy toy has to console her because she's upset about something. Oh the humanity!! lol

Click here to see her same reaction when yelling at cab driver in London and if you want to see her on video get upset at another event click here to watch her get animated about having to walk with Rupert Grint instead of staying on the arm of HP producer David Heyman.

For more diva stories visit Sue at emma-what-son.tumblr.tumblr and click on her diva tags and check out my diva posts on this page.

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May 18, 2014

Emma Watson is the most hyped HP alum but not the most successful

Other than the older actors like Alan Rickman, Gary Oldham, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith, etc who are talented and more accredited in the acting abilities, Emma is the most hyped member of the Harry Potter alum but she is clearly the least successful. She's the most marketable because of her looks. Hollywood is shallow so what do you expect?

She's had no lead roles. She's taken on no roles that challenges her. The one she's supposedly signed on for she was either dropped or dropped from. Everything she has done another actress could have. Why cast a unknown no name when you can cast a known name from Harry Potter with a legitimate fan base? Her fans will pay money to see her in anything she does.

Thanks to Sue over at emma-what-son.tumblr.tumblr for photos below

Her post Potter career is basically you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. The studios profit off her fan base and she gets to continue to have the spotlight. In Perks and the TBR they centered the marketing and advertising around her when she was not even the lead. Perks was Logan Lerman's movie and not Emma's. In TBR they kept on showing that trailer of at the club dancing and sticking her tongue out. Obviously they were selling sex and the girl from HP being naughty. The movie was horrible so they had to fill the seats somehow.

With all her talk of wanting to do theater who would have thought Rupert would have made it there before her. And who would have thought Rupert actually have worked lined up when after Emma seems to go with whatever falls into her lap instead of have projects lined up. Noah was already filmed. Beauty and the Beast was mentioned in 2011 and each year she kept on saying by summer or by the end of the year we'll be filming but now it being 2014 I don't think that's happening. She said Del Toro could not wait to film but he's waited for three years.

From what I read Queen of Tearling is a knock off of Game of Thrones. The books are not even out yet and there is no strong fan base for the movies so this should be interesting. For someone who said "No more movie franchises" she really wants to do QoT. David Heyman the Harry Potter producer that cast her also cast her in this. He also gave her the executive producer title where Emma proclaimed "Ha!" when talking about it to Wonderland magazine. Yet again Emma continuing to ride off the coattails of HP. There is not one single thing she has accomplished on her own. But expect the usual self praise and adulation she gives herself over it.

Even her education is suspect since more than half her time has been spent doing distant learning (online classes). Ever wonder why she has not been photographed on Brown's campus since 2010? She didn't even finish her entire year abroad at Oxford (her home country) because she cut it short for TBR film. That was the last time she ever set foot on a campus to learn even though she's filmed one film (Noah) in two and in half years. It easy to cheat the system with online learning. You can have someone else do it for you. Say your horrible at algebra. Find someone who isn’t and pay them to do the class. Say you have to do a report on the French revolution. Pay someone to do the research and write the paper. All you have to do is read it to familiarize yourself on the just of it. You have just circumvented online learning because you didn’t do anything but sent it with your name on it.. Emma being filthy rich could do this easily. And no one would think twice because she’s “Hermione”.

Something else from Sue over at  emma-what-son.tumblr.tumblr

And Heyman and Kloves gave her everything she wanted as she went to the press talking about “it’s about staying true to the book” and then whined about filming schedules which they eventually accommodated her for, constant retakes even though she claims to be a professional actress and having to be wet in scenes where she said she wanted to “kill Yates”. They even took lines from Rupert and gave it to Emma when they were not ignoring good parts of Ron’s character from the books. Then she pockets 40 million in the end and whines more about how famous she is and that she wants to “normal”. She couldn’t handle being normal. She’d whine about that to. She tried to be “normal” at Brown and she ran from that so fast she’s had 10 excuses or so as to why since. And this doesn’t even cover the lifestyle being in HP has awarded her. She was set for life by the time she 18. I guarantee she has never been told no in life.

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May 15, 2014


I'm no longer accepting comments here. If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at meettherealemmawatson.tumblr.com where I spend the majority of my time. I will still post here when I feel like it and when there is something worthy to post.

March 30, 2014

Emma Watson criticises 'dangerously unhealthy' pressure on young women

From theguardian.com March 2014 , "Emma Watson has criticised the "dangerously unhealthy" image projected by the fashion industry and said the pressure to look perfect has taken its toll on her. The actor has also described her doomed attempts to merge into the background as a student at an American university, where she found herself being trailed everywhere by British photographers.

After the recent New York premiere of Noah, she tweeted a photograph of the array of cosmetics – and a guardian angel pin – that she said were essential aids to her flawless appearance, and another of herself in a backless dress captioned: "I did NOT wake up like this." The actress said she is better at taking criticism these days than she once was. "As a younger woman, that pressure got me down, but I've made my peace with it. With airbrushing and digital manipulation, fashion can project an unobtainable image that's dangerously unhealthy. I'm excited about the ageing process. I'm more interested in women who aren't perfect. They're more compelling."

Watson became famous playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies and has been constantly in work since. She is about to start filming a thriller, Regression, by Alejandro Amenábar and is also trying to complete her degree at Brown University, Rhode Island. She enrolled in 2009 for what would have been a four year course, but has taken several breaks for film work, and spent a year studying at Oxford. "After Harry Potter, all that mattered was university," she said, in an interview with the Sunday Times. "It wasn't always easy to break down barriers, as having men from the British press following me with cameras didn't help my mission to integrate. The American press, by contrast, "afforded me so much privacy", but her fellow students recognised her at once. "On the first day, I walked into the canteen and everyone went completely silent and turned around to look at me. I had to say to myself 'it's OK, you can do this'. You just have to take a deep breath and gather your courage."


So something like this Burberry campaign she did a few years ago? Hypocrisy at its finest. She flaunts with the fashion industry and enjoys its perks all the time, but hops on the 'female beauty' bandwagon and enjoys a moan when it suits her. I'd find her socially conscientious pleas convincing if she hadn't profited in the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) from the big, bad, evil fashion/beauty industry. A few years ago, Emma Watson appeared in high-profile advertising companies for posh Paris fashion house L'ancome. I'm guessing she was handsomely remunerated for her 'work'. Certainly she was not forced into letting her photo shopped image be used to market expensive cosmetics and perfumes. Did she only discover how 'oppressive' the fashion industry is when L'ancome cancelled her lucrative contract?

Ms Watson is essentially a third-rate actress, and her pronouncements on large and complex issues, such as the pressures on women, are so idiotically vapid that one is brought to conclude that she really can have very little aptitude for higher education. I mean, her comments are hardly indicative of an educated person, or even of a moderately literate or intelligent person. By the way, I understand that she spent a year at Oxford as a visiting and/or exchange student while enrolled at Brown. How come? She is a British national, and so by rights she should not have gone to Oxford on a visiting/exchange student programme, irrespective of whether she happens a student at an American university. If I am wrong about this, then I should like to have some explanation as to her status at Oxford, and how she came by it. Otherwise, I suppose that one might be forgiven for thinking that it is yet another case of a once respectable academic institutions bowing down before the false idols of celebrity and money. (This is quite apart from the fact that all that one has read about her since she began life as a student concerns her acting career, her modeling and her various boyfriends.)


Notice how it's always people who are very aware of how attractive they are that babble on about how it's okay to have physical blemishes? I'd like to see an ugly person say the same thing. Only someone young, beautiful and with her whole life before her can say that, and mean it. Sometimes, her comments maKe her more stupid. Get lost and Wingardium Leviosa. What a daft thing to say. But, then again, this is coming from someone who can't seem to finish uni. I feel like I've aged about 10 years reading this article. Annoying girl. Not only annoying, but also pretentious and disingenuous.

emma-what-son posted many more so check out her page

From wonderlandmagazine.com Feb 2014, "Fashion is this massive, huge industry, which I like to dip my toes into. But it’s not my industry."

^It's all these horrible thing but yet she can "dip her toes in it". See she says these idealistic things like above with air brushing and digital manipulation and people laud her for those kinds of statements but she then supports and does the very things she speaks out against.

Here's what I think

As for what she is saying about Brown it's a complete 180 from how she described it before 2013. In 2013 she started to elude to the fact it was not as great as she made it out to be. She gushed how wonderful her experiences had been to so many magazines. Now I think she's looking for pity and to have excuses why she never stayed at Brown. She preached how she was staying put. I am so fucking tired of having to post quote after quote proving my point with this when she lies time after time. She is not honest! What the truth is doesn't matter because she always lying. It's a constant thing with her.

As for the pressures on women she is really a piece of work. The guardian commenters summed it up nicely. She had no problem attaching herself to Burberry and Lancôme. She's had no problem giving them praise and talking about fashion and make-up in just about every interview. That part where she talked about photo shopping and air brushing. Just wow! Did she see the Wonderland magazine she edited? Some photos it didn't even look like her. She'll continue allowing her image to be manipulated no matter what. She thinks she’s aging? She still looks 15 without all the make-up and photo shopping. Last year she was stopped at JFK because they thought she was a unaccompanied minor. Did you know one of the product she pushed when modeling for Lancôme was an anti-age cream? That's the dumbest comment in her entire interview.

But really she's said this kind of stuff the last three years and most notably in 2011 where she had a various quotes about body image and being comfortable in your skin. I wont bore you with those quotes since I have before. She gets lauded for those comments and people place her in role model status but when you closely look at it they were just words that meant nothing at the time other than to make people think, “Emma is so anti-Hollywood!! She’s a role model for women and young girls” but meanwhile she never believed in any of it in the first place. At the time she said those things she was at a more healthier weight than she ever was. In 2011 you can tell she either stopped working out or ate more. I thought she looked her best then. Now she’s back to stick thin and even surpassed it a way IMO is unhealthy. She sending a bad message to women.

From standard.co.uk July 2011, “She sees modeling as an extension of acting, in fact - just playing a role - but is conflicted about its demands. “I think the pressure the media and the fashion industry put on women to look a certain way is pretty intense. There’s a certain tyranny to trying to achieve that kind of beauty. I don’t know, I’m maybe not the best person to speak about this because I obviously completely adhere to it,” she laughs nervously. “

^She really needs to start taking her own advice and quit being a judgmental hypocrite. Not just with this topic but everything she tends to speak out against that she does it herself.

Recently she tweeted a photo of all this make-up and I posted this on my tumblr days ago

^Same phone in this photo is what they're using in the bottom photo that I also posted on tumblr

She said something else recently (Sunday Times interview) that is just typical Emma. I covered this a few times.

From emmawatsonbelgium.blogspot.be March 2014, "For someone who has starred in eight blockbuster movies and is worth an estimated £30m, she is endearingly modest about how green she felt leaving Harry Potter behind in 2011. Emerging from that magical machine was “really intimidating”, she says. “I’d done two tiny plays when I was, like, six and eight, but I wasn’t driven to act. I wasn’t doing Oscar acceptance speeches into a hairbrush."

Yeah it might have no been a hairbrush but who knows she could be lying about that. She'd practice her speeches in mirrors.

From telegraph.co.uk July 2007,  "Pauline is utterly obsessed with being an actress and I was just like that when I was younger. I dreamt of it. I practised speeches in front of mirrors. Whenever there was a part at school, I went for it. I was probably a bit of a show-off in the sense that any chance to get up and be seen, I did it. I was such a drama queen. I used to wail and moan and cry, and little things were blown up into being big things. I don't know how my parents stood it, really. I've grown up a bit. I've had to. I actually really want to be an actress, a proper actress who makes it her career. I'm always expecting to be found out and I thought, If I'm no good, now is the time to find out."

She really wants people to think she all of a sudden wants to act. What I think is she is really trying to distance herself from her lack luster post Potter career by making it out like she now wants to act and that’s why she has no lead roles because her resume does not equal her hype. The last few years she’s separated herself from “always wanted to be an actress” to “I was not sure”. She’s being disingenuous as usual and people believe it. Plus she said she did modeling so directors and producers would look at her differently so that's why she used Burberry and Lancôme. And she did a course at RADA in 2008 so if she was not sure or didn't want to than why did she do these things?

One more thing from the Sunday Times interview

From emmawatsonbelgium.blogspot.be March 2014, "It’s about as close as she’ll get to revealing anything about her newest relationship, with Matt Janney, rugby hunk and Oxford’s most eligible bachelor. “I can’t comment on it, I’m sorry,” she says, suddenly jumping up and hastily bundling her things back into her bag, which has exploded across the sofa beside her. “I’m trying to keep my private life sacred, although I don’t want to lock myself up and never go out. So I guard it, because I don’t date people who are famous, and I don’t think it’s fair that, all of a sudden, intimate details of their personal life are public as a direct result of me. I find that so uncomfortable, and I wish there was a way I could protect those people, but it’s not in my control.” When I suggest her boyfriends are consenting adults, she looks worried. “But you don’t choose who to love, who you have feelings for, do you?” She throws her phone into her bag and retreats home to pack, as she’s flying to LA. Just a normal girl, then, off to present an Oscar."

So she can go to international magazines and complain she can't find a man or that men are intimidated by her? She had in the past before Will Adamowicz. It was in almost every one of her interviews for a few years. So she can use Matt Janney (this new guy) on a beach in a bikini PDA session as a publicity stunt to cover up her ex boyfriend being caught rolling coke bombs and also use him to product place an iPhone in Madrid but she wants to keep it private? And she doesn't date famous guys? What about Johnny Simmons (Young Neil) and George Craig (Front man for rock group One Night Only)?  If you can Google their name and you see them in movies or music videos, they're famous.


Check these old posts out

Emma says people were confused
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March 23, 2014

Emma Watson has stalkers and a bodyguard

From dailymail.co.uk March 2014, "Harry Potter star Emma Watson has hired a former NYPD officer as  a bodyguard to protect her from obsessed stalkers. The actress – thought to be worth £23  million – is believed to be paying the female officer £90,000 a year after a number of incidents of threatening behaviour towards her. The latest came as Emma, 23, right, was working on her new movie Noah, when an over-zealous ‘fan’ duped studio security staff and got on to the set. Emma, was left screaming, believing she was in danger, and filming had to stop.

The British actress, who played Hermione Granger in the Potter films, is now constantly shadowed by blonde former New York Police Department officer Denise Morrone. A source said: ‘The  one person Emma is never without is Denise. 'Emma has had problems with stalkers in the past and, because of her wealth, there is always the threat of kidnap. 'She pays for her bodyguard out of her own pocket and Denise accompanies her everywhere, even when Emma is out for dinner. Denise is always there, making sure she is safe.’ Another source said: ‘Denise is on high alert for one particular stalker who tracked Emma down on the set of her latest film. She is very discreet and very good at her job. She is always there looking after Emma, but you wouldn’t know. ‘She makes sure Emma has plenty of space and freedom. If they are at dinner, Denise is part of the gathering, but is always on duty.’

The new arrangement marks a departure for Emma, who has seemed determined to try to live a low-key, normal private life unencumbered by a security detail. Post-Potter she went to Brown University in Rhode Island, New England, and Worcester College, Oxford, to study for a degree. When she has appeared in public she has had no visible entourage. A spokesman for Miss Watson, who has homes in  London and New York, declined to comment."

^That's what the dailymail says but here below is what Emma said at the time.

From fansshare.com October 2012, "There was a lot of fuss made recently about the fact that a man who has been stalking Emma Watson managed to get onto her set before being chased off into the woods. It was claimed that Emma was terrified by the incident and feared for her safety.  However, it appears that the claims were not true, as Emma has spoken out about the “incident” stating that nothing of the sort happened. Emma felt that she needed to let everybody know what’s what and hoped to clear up any confusion about the stalker situation. Watson took to her official Twitter account to say, “Ok. Few things to clear up. I was not terrified by a stalker in the woods. And he was not fought off by martial arts experts.#whowrotethisstory”.

I don't get this DM article because Emma has had this bodyguard for ten years. I think this might be a great big dose of media sensationalism or maybe a planted story so everyone will go, "Aww poor Emma" because she has said some really dumb things lately.

I've seen photos of Denise (the older blonde lady we always see her with) with Emma as far back as 2005

Here they are outside the Regis and Kelly show (USA) in 2005 and to the right currently in 2014


Denise: “No, Emma, I told you: no alcohol befor the premiere….” Emma: “Damn old bitch……”

pfff hahaha

^She still looks 15 doesn't she?

I've seen one or two candids of Denise with Emma at Brown. I've read an article from a Brown website (thank anonymous for tipping me off) where they were talking about her bodyguards on campus that followed her around.

Here's Emma, some guy and Denise at Brown in the fall of 2010 (I can't find the others)

Here she is talking about stalkers in her GQ interview from last year

From gq-magazine.co.uk May 2013, "Did you have stalkers? 'Yes. I do have people who show up from time to time in different parts of the world. I've never really known how to respond; I've never really known if I should be afraid or not. This is how I put it into perspective: thousands of women all over the world have to deal with feeling afraid when they walk home from the Tube, on their way to work, when they go out for a drink. Feeling not safe isn't something that is singular to me or my experience as a woman, and I don't think any of these people mean me any harm. They just tend to be people caught up, who don't really realise what they are doing, and I think it is very important that I don't allow it to isolate me further, to be another reason why I shouldn't go out and meet people or walk down the street. Weird guys sometimes take it too far, and that is it. I just keep a friend with me. I don't have a full-time security guard or anything like that. Even at university I went everywhere completely alone, which looking back was probably a pretty ambitious thing that I tried to do there, but somehow I got away with it. There were times when I did feel stressed and anxious and could probably have done with a bit more support. At the same time I would rather make my own mistakes and learn what I need. I think it is so easy when you get famous to just disengage from having a life and that can make some things really dangerous.'"

Remember she told rookie magazine she used to lie about walking to places but had a car waiting for her? She was trying to make it seem she has this normal life. I reckon this could be another little white lie about not having a full-time guard because we've seen Denise with her for years. She's the woman that pushes people away and pulls her from signing autographs and even refuses people.

How about other instances like Glastonbury where that big muscular man tailed her everywhere. At airports when Denise is not there she has men which looks to be bodyguards to me. When she went to the Box Night Club she had a bodyguard. They're rare shots because most candids are just of Emma and Denise or Emma and a friend or boyfriend. You really think Emma travels alone?

For example

Last photo from 2011: Check this out and seethe altercation

You rarely catch her bodyguards photographed other than Denise who looks more than just a bodyguard. I think she's more like a bodyguard/assistant. I bet they are always around but you wouldn't know it. I'd go as far as saying they probably follow her from a distance to make it seem like she's really by herself.

Here's something she said in 2009 and it was really stupid

From wonderwall.msn.com July 2009 (interview with Dan, Rupert and Emma. she started brown in Sept 09) In this film, Ron has sort of a stalker girlfriend. Has it ever gotten strange where you're dating people who are more interested in dating Harry, Ron or Hermione rather than yourselves? Emma Watson: "I'm dating my stalker, actually."

It's dumb to even give a stalker the time or day in a magazine discussing them. It will probably embolden them by fueling whatever twisted fantasies they have in their head. If it were me I would not even mention it.

In 2010 she said this

From digitalspy.com November 2010, "Emma Watson has revealed that she and her Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint used to hide from their security guards. The actress admitted that she "hates" having bodyguards and prefers to deal with the attention she receives on her own. Watson explained: "I hate having bodyguards and when we were younger, Dan, Rupert and I used to try to hide from the people trying to keep an eye on us." The 20-year-old went on to say that she now feels comfortable traveling on public transport by herself. She added: "Now it's like, 'Really, I'm fine'. I take the train and the bus and, if I don't dress up too much, I'm usually fine. Occasionally people stop me but I'd rather deal with that than not go out at all. That'd be really tragic."

In her most recent interview for Elle she said this

From snitchseeker.com March 2014, “So while Radcliffe reportedly rarely leaves his house without a bodyguard, Watson memorably began her college career by moving into the freshman dorm-the very definition of exposed. She lopped off her hair, appeared in a student production of Chekhov. There were moment, she says, when she thought, “I don’t know if I can do this. Or if this is sensible anymore.” But she held firm, turning down high-profile work that would interfere with her studies. “I just don’t want a life where I can’t have a life, “she says. “And so I’ve been just unbelievably stubborn about it.”

^Peculiar and then this article comes out about her hired bodyguard. Could it have been Radcliffe's people saying, "Hey, wait a minute" and then ratted Emma out?

That last quote, the newer one, is of course a total contradiction from what she said about Brown before. I don't know it's that's the truth or this is some rouse to plant the idea she was heckled out of college life. I don't know but one thing is for sure I don't believe most of what comes out of this girls mouth. I'm like those towns people that had it with the games of the little boy that cried wolf.

As for the stalking it's the only thing I'll give her sympathy for. I think it would suck. If it's an over zealous stan or a weirdo I don't think it's cool. If you like or even dislike her there are still lines you should never cross and that includes invading her space. She's just one fake ass actress that lives in her own head that plays make believe and makes millions off it. Then of course she complains about it and manipulates the media and her fan base to cover up "the real Emma Watson". She's a prettily weaved illusion designed to trick you. There is no such thing as the perfect person and just because she is pretty it does not make her perfect girlfriend material. Stans and weirdos please understand this.

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